Did you know that there is a hot new brand of handcrafted knives in Iceland that surprisingly has a certain significant link to Greece ?   Believe it or not this is the case … Evangelos Tsagkouros, a fellow countryman who lives and apparently thrives in that far away northern island state, has managed to create a truly unique business, manufacturing steel knives !!!   These fine, yet extremely durable handcrafted blades, all purpose knives and swords are mind blowing, just like those we sometimes see in movies and make our spine shiver !! He is the founder of KRYPTEIA KNIVES !!!

Evangelos Tsagkouros is only 31 years old. He confessed to  esthetic.gr  that this passion for swords and blades was something expressed early on. As a child he always wanted to have his own real sword and it seems he made that dream come true a bit later in life and in a truly awesome manner !!! He did not ever think of actually handcrafting a knife while living in Greece. The first ever blade was manufactured in the winter of 2010 when he had already moved to Iceland, while the company was established in January 2014.

– How did the idea of creating this company come about ;  

 When I first moved to Iceland I started looking for something to do and pass the time during winter. You know winter in Iceland … many hours of darkness … At some point I visited a store to buy a small knife to use for wood sculpting. While searching, I came across a kit that enabled you to assemble your own knife. The kit contained a readymade blade and all you had to do is handcraft the handle. That is where it all started. The hobby soon became a profession. 

  • Why in Iceland and not in Greece ? Do you believe that if activated in Greece you might have had a different reaction to your endeavor ?  

It was just random that I happened to be in Iceland when I took the decision to create the company. I do not really know if it would have actually made any difference, since sales are taking place online through the internet anyway. 


What inspires you esthetically when designing your knives ; 

History itself … the myths, the heroes !!!!

 How hard is it to handcraft such knives ? How did you manage to master the technique and what kind of materials do you work with ? What makes your knives so special… so different ?

I am not the kind of guy that would ever say that it is something extremely  difficult. You need patience and devotion. I am actually self taught. I learned the art through endless hours over the internet and equally endless experimenting… trial and error… a lot of searching, many questions and practice over and over again … it is a long ever evolving road.

I mainly use carbon steel for the blades … soon to commence using inox steel !! For the handles I use fiberglass G10 and wood if so requested by the customer !!  Kydex thermoplastic, as well as classic leather for the holsters. 

What makes my knives unique ? Oh they have character … they have a soul of their own !!

– What is your customer base ; What are your knives bought ? Are there any collectors among your clientele ?

It is a wide audience and related market base I am appealing to. Hunters, rescue workers, emergency team members, military and law enforcement personnel. People who like adventure, naturists and campers. Yes there are a great deal of collectors worldwide.  


– If a woman ever bought one of your knives, she would most probably be Lara Croft. Do you actually have a female audience ? 

(LOL) no no … not just Lara Croft. There are women collectors, women professionals, women hunters and yes women who would make such a gift to their male partner !!  Mostly my female clientele comes from  the United States.

  • It is a sharp object, your product. Have you ever encountered any problems when shipping the orders ?  

No. We have never had any such issues with deliveries. The knives are well packaged and always shipped while in their holsters


You may see these unique knives by visiting the company Facebook page and e-shop.